Foto de header para sección sobre nosotros, de Brausa, fabricante de perfiles de acero conformado en frío

About us

More than 50 years setting the standard in the industry

Our long experience at the cutting edge of the profile industry makes us one of the leading manufacturers of cold-formed steel profiles both domestically and internationally.


Innovation, our most valuable ally

We are always at the cutting edge of innovation in the steel industry so we can implement the very latest technology and guarantee the best solution for each project.


Our DNA is pure steel profile

Our extensive experience and continually updated knowledge gained through working in different sectors have equipped us with the ability to meet the market's demands for a wide variety of steel profiles.


Tailor-made solutions for each project

Our flexible methodology and can-do spirit perfectly meet each customer's requirements, allowing us to advise them and manufacture the steel profile they need for each application.


Providing peace of mind and wellbeing for our customers

We cultivate and maintain the loyalty of our customers by advising them and exceeding their expectations.


    Nacional II-a, Km. 448 C.P 25181 SOSES (Lleida) España

    +34 973 790 100

    +34 973 791 061